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Hey! So, that’s a lie, but I’m pretty close to that number so I’m doing the giveaway anyways.

Since I’m in so many fandoms I thought that maybe I should do one giveaway at a time instead of putting all of my fandoms in one. So that means that this is my SPN giveaway, next one will probably be Doctor Who.


  • Where there’s a will there’s a way,Supernatural Inspired bracelet
  • Dean Winchester’ Necklace 
  • Castiel plushee
  • Supernatural Season 1 (Opened by me but unused so its in perfect condition.)
  • Supernatural protection necklace

  • Supernatural styled pinback buttons.
  • Supernatural Devil’s Trap Decal


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  • You must be comfortable giving me your address! I’ll ship everywhere.
  • Inbox open and you must reply withing 48 hours!
  • Giveaway ends September 23rd because Fall starts and its my favorite season.
  • Feel free to message me any questions
  • There will be only one winner.

If this gets 5,000 notes I’ll add more stuff. 

Good luck!


dean meme: five personality traits [3/5] » dean “mr-macho-i-don’t-need-to-share-my-feelings” winchester

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Supernatural Finale AU’s, for the last scene …. ever.

Based off of my text post here. Basically, Dean wakes up as a child again, believing it was all a nightmare, until he sees Castiel standing in the corner.

I stole the first gif from my bae supernaturalapocalypse

please send me your own theories so I can gif them!

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What is the most evil thing you've ever done? 

  • Mark Sheppard: I like lying to my kids.
  • Mark Pellegrino: I taught my daughter the wrong words for things.
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You were fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. And do you know what? So was I.

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#HOLY FUCK JARED #its like the slide into ZEKE #the transformation is FANTASTICAL #you don’t even need the blue eye lights #GODDAMN (via buticancarryyou)

jared deserves all the awards

It is so amazing because every time I see a gif of Sam being possessed, you can just tell. You can tell - even without the blue eyes, or the black eyes from when he was possessed by Meg - that this isn´t Sam. This is someone else. Just by his body language and expression that Jared isn´t playing Sam in that moment.

Like, seriously, Jared is an amazing actor. If anyone tell me otherwise, I will sacrifice them to Satan

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"I have till the rain stops."

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